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The main concern of the irrigation proffers you the better food. The better food we get from the poly pipe fitting as there is no contamination. It retains the quality of the water as the poly piping irrigation systems manipulated the polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride material similarly both of these materials are preferentially suggested for poly piping irrigation systems due to their flexibility and versatility or changeability which proffers a control on the flow rate and water loss. It reduces the expenditure of labourers that have to be paid for watering the plants.

Why Polyethylene Pipe Fitting is Preferable Nowadays?

For irrigation, the contractors or other professionals prefer the polyethylene pipe fittings as it has to install under the earth at several inches beneath. These poly pipe fittings may emerge in the ground in the form of a sprinkle, riser and many more. 

The polyethylene pipe fittings are more convenient for irrigation purposes. These are softer than the polyvinyl products, and thus more flexibility in their working or about their functionality. The polyethylene pipe fittings are more preferable due to the following reasons:

  • The polyethylene pipe is corrosion-resistant. Corrosion is the basic hurdle that affects the functionality of the drainage system. The poly pipe fitting is chemical resistant and preserves the pipe from any damage.
  • The PVC is harder than the polyethylene pipe, and hence it is trickier to handle the pipes. The polyethylene pipe fittings are fatigue resistant, present in the form of coils. The handling and implementation are quite easy.
  • The polyethylene pipe fittings are thermal resistant, have no chances to break, and crack, and thus have a life span of 50-100 years.

Irrigation Riser Pipe:

Polyethylene is more suitable for the irrigation riser pipe due to the rigid structure of PVC, there are more chances to break and crack. The professional must remain size, pump efficiency, and energy costs in consideration while working on the irrigation riser pipe. The rate flow of the irrigation riser pipe should minimize the energy expenditure cost. The technicians introduced the gravity system that updates the working of the irrigation riser pipe. It works on the principle of passive transport, and proffer more efficiency in an operation.

To design the poly pipe fitting, it is a good idea to determine the pump efficiency. The pump design, diameter, top head, speed, and rate flow are the basic concerns in this regard. The poly pipe fitting works on the principle of hydraulics. The hydraulic depend on the size of the pipe. The longer piper will improve the rate flow. The poly pipe fitting technicians improved the procedure by implementing automated tools, speed drivers, and increased rate flow.